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Show your support for 666PS3 by wearing our specially designed graphics wherever you are, also if you would like a request leave a comment and we shall get it designed within a week and posted up here:

666ps3 Support




Here’s our first request. It was done really quickly so if you want anything different just ask 4suits.

4suits - you joker!



  1. ooo ooo, do me woulda that wuld b awesome 🙂

  2. House, 24, MGO, GTA4 retro or modern.


  3. also The Joker off batman, the one played by heath ledger

  4. I have another Joker one in production if you don’t like what you see mate 😀

  5. i like it, simple yet sadistic, but ill see the other so u havnt wasted ur time

  6. anychance of making me a moderator? also forums would be a good idea (maybe ip.Board – a good example is also some way to do accounts so you dont keep having to do this tedius typing in of email and name everytime, email me with youre response!

  7. p.s. my last comment was mainly aimed at Bearskopff

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