Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 16, 2008

E3: Resident Evil 5 cam walkthrough

Check out the Resident Evil 5 gameplay cam walkthrough of a demo made especially for E3.

As nice as Resident Evil 5 looks i was hoping they could bring the fear factor back from the days of Resident Evil: Nemesis, playing Nemesis with the lights off all them years ago was amazing and had some great jump out of your skin moments, i cant help but feel that Resident Evil 5 has moved away from what the resi series achieved in the chill factor area to bring more of an action game with less (dare i say) blood and less fear factor.

The graphics of course look amazing but yes, i may be the only slightly disappointed gamer in the world but it does somewhat disappoint me this video aswell. When the game is released it would have had a lot more tinkering time to get it feeling more Resi i suppose so we will see wont we…


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