Posted by: jungleburgar | July 15, 2008

Sony’s E3 Show

I will be sitting here hunched over my keyboard to give You the first full list of Sony’s show. Well a comprhensive list anyway. But first lets take a look at what Microsoft stole off Sony (and if you believe all the doomsayers declaring the end of the PS3).


Yesterday. The show got off to a great start. Microsoft showed great innovation to give Xbox gamers a game entitled Lips. Great concept, but Microsoft will sue anyone who calls it a Singstar™ rip off. They produced an exciting show off, for this, umm. (DONT SAY IT) game, duffy sang her own song which will feature in said game. Which she failed to hit the right notes much of the time. I in particular thought it was a great show.

This brings me to the end of the show, (i really dont want to put to much of MS in here) Where they brought out the president of Square-Enix, to showcase the exclusives that they have tied up to he Xbox. 1 of them is an exclusive only for the Xbox. The Last Remnant will be coming to the PS3 a little bit later. So he thanked the and Yoichi Wada walked off stage. Then as they were about to wrap it up. He came back into shot and tapped Don on the shoulder and with a big smile on his face declared he has one more big announcement. And thus millions of PS3 owners hearts sank. They knew what it was. The camara panned out to show the entire audience and the big screen to showcase Final Fantasy XIII. After 2 minutes or so. The trailer stopped. Light came on and with shock and awe the audience clapped hard. I will agree it is a major coup for the Xbox. Bu not one to destroy PS3 as many are saying. They have not even wanted to know about today at Sony’s show. No all that is happenig to them is the slow demise of their once cherished consoles.

I say this is to be expected. Third party companies spend millions on their games so it makes sense they release it multi platform. This is the reason so many projects get canned. This is the reason so many (albeit small) companies collapse. What most forget is that the PS3 will still have the game. And the PS3 version was in development way before the Xbox version. So this could be the first port to Xbox from PS3. As we PS3 owners have had to put up with so many ports thus far. It’s about time Xbox gamers had our ports. And hopefully it will be the first of many as more and more developers harness the capacity of the PS3 then port it over to the Xbox. With the boundaries pushed more we will see many more great games on the horizon.

This brings me to the show in 20 minutes. A lot of people are hoping news on the much tired of hearing about Home™. Yes about time they did give us a time frame on this. And then the romours are awash of God of War 3 at the show. Plus the PlayTV. And future firmware updates. Well all i can say is watch this space. As i believe it will be something special. Only if they can get Rick Astley to do a rick roll on Microsofts arses. Now that would be something special.


  1. The introduction is much more impressive than Microsofts. The doom sayers better start begging for forgiveness
  2. Jack Trinton? begins with the history of Playstation. Hints at more exclusives. And a funny guy.
  3. IBM uses the PS3’s cell processor which was developed solely by Sony.
  4. 75 Titles  in 2008 which are exclusive. First and third party.
  5. Shows a trailer for resistence 2. Looks really impressive. Especially the 300ft Chimera monster. Going up a clcok tower as big as a monster is a foolish thing to do. Run Forrest run. Nice new trailer. Risistence 2’S Ted Price talking in depth about the game. New monsters. New angle on multiplayer. Refer the game to scale. Have they played God Of War or ICO?
  6. Next up is talk on user generated content. Yes it is Little Big Planet. They will tie up the social experiance with gaming with the game with an exclusive level they make. And with Alex Evans playing it for us. And the features. The options are great with their own basketball outfit on. And a gimmicky show off with tables showing the figures on the gaming industry. Yes it does look like a cool level. Included in the level is the first line up for the PS3 platinum titles which include Resistence fall of man, Motorstorm, Oblivion, Warhawk, Call of duty 3, assains creed, Ninja gaiden, Fight night round 3 and rainbow6 vegas. And going by the Little Big Planet. If this is what we can do it is going to be a great game indeed. Coming october.
  7. Onto the PS2 now. In 2008 130 titles due for PS2. Looks like we wont be seeing the last of PS2 for a while. With new titles as such As singstar pop vol 2. Yakuza 2. And the multiformat EA sports games.
  8. Buzz quiz  coming to the psp.
  9. With more singstar games coming to PS2.
  10. PS2 bundle with Lego Batman. Autumn
  11. PSN up next. Lets hope some diverse games are coming.
  12. Linking network with the sites. U.S only so far.
  13. Content downloaded so far 180 million.
  14. Ratchet and clank quest for booty. Downloadable game. Looking really good. Will Get those mouths whetted for now. Coming in summer.PSN
  15. PSN showcase. revelealing more psn titles. Including. Crash Commando, Fat Princess, Pixeljunk Eden, Pain Amusement Park, Flower, Siren Blood Curse Ragdoll Kung Fu.
  16. Gran Turismo T.V. We are getting Top Gear and much more. Nothing new.
  17. Home. There to bring it all together. But when? More publishers on board. And brands such as Nike. Trailer. Themed home spaces. Nice touch.
  18. PSN Video download service has all the major plaers on board and is open to all film studios. T.V episodes are 1.99. films range from a few prices. All portable to PSP. Very easy to use. As is the original store. This is the same as that. Preview content. before you buy. To rent it is from 2.99 dollars. Watch as you download. HD and SD. Will be available dependeing on film. Availble from tonight. American store. Nice surprise.
  19. PSP. More packs to be released. Including American footbal. And Rachet and clan pack.
  20. New “Franchise” on PSP. Resistence Retribution.
  21. Patapoon 2, Locoroco 2, Star Wars Unleashed, Madden 09,  NBA 09, Super Stardust Portable, Lego Batman and Buzz Quiz Master Just some of the games coming this year for PSP.
  22. Woooooo back to PS3. Talking now about the record and upload from your games to youtube. Playstation Life.
  23. Sony Online giving us DC Universe Online and The Agency. Jim Lee talks about the future of MMO’s on PS3. Play as either hero or villan. Trailer. The Flash, do not want. Impressive trailer. No word on price on subscriptions. Shame.
  24. 80GB PS3. Same Price as 409GB PS3. UK?
  25. Devs talk about the cell proccessor and capabilities of the PS3. According to them. The future really is Playstation.
  26. First party releases are being talked about now. And some Third party releases Including. Little Big Planet. Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Quantum Of Solice, Resistence 2, Ghostbusters,  The Agency, Naruto, Mirrors Edge. Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero 4, NBA09 The Inside, Buzz quiz T.V, Killzone 2 too name but a dozen or so.
  27. God Of War 3, Trailer Nuff said. wow just wow. The beginning of the end. Not for sony but Olympus.
  28. inFamous. Giving us an in-depth look at the world of the city. Kill or help it’s up to you. An ordinary Joe consumed by his own power.
  29. One more game for us. The secret game. Zipper Interactive the developer. Exclusive. 256 server online games. 8 player squads. You grow into the leading role due to the growth of your character. TRAILER. This is what online gaming should be. Titled M.A.G.

So that was an impressive Conference. If the doom and gloom continues. Then these are just fussy people. Before you saw the line up for releases for the PS3 note he said exclusives. Weather they are timed or not. Thats one heck of a line up of exclusives for us. The M.A.G game looked like a system seller.


And then God Of War 3. Like i said nuff said. That’ll be your system seller. And it looked awesome. I truly can not wait for the future. Doc fire up the DeLorean.



  1. Good work mate.

  2. I wonder if people miss the fact he said before the lineup. and after. The word exclusive.


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