Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 12, 2008

US budget games

The ´Platinum´range of games have been going since the original Playstation era, i for one hated seeing a platinum title of a game i payed full price for, but they were bargains of the most popular games if you didn’t already have it.

Japan has had the platinum range for a while now and the platinum range will be available in Europe soon (distinguished by a yellow colour), now the US looks in its way to receiving the budget range with the games sporting a red colour. This snap shown in a Kmart catalogue shows 3 titles for the PS3 (rest PSP) Motorstorm, Warhawk and Resistance Fall Of Man in the budget range. Great stuff. I for one might consider buying Motorstorm at budget price.



  1. what’s so “budget” about them, do they have less on them?

  2. They are simply cheaper in price, the original platinum range had to sell 600,000 or more in its first year of release before it can be considered platinum. They are the best sellers at a cheaper price.

    Current PS3 Budget range:

    * Folklore
    * Formula One Championship Edition
    * Genji: Days of the Blade
    * Heavenly Sword
    * Lair
    * Resistance: Fall of Man
    * Ridge Racer 7

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