Posted by: bearskopff | July 11, 2008

Insight: How much memory?

Upon my arrival home today I was greeted with a brand new hard-drive which I’ve been waiting two weeks for. As I type this my PS3 is backing up all my game-saves and other bits and pieces ready to be restored in about two hours. This will finally mean I won’t need to worry too much about install data or user-generated content filling up the memory.

Staring at the loading bar on the screen is as much fun as playing Turning Point: Fall of Man but it did get me thinking. I managed to get my PS3 on the day of release so obviously, I managed to secure a 60gb. It’s still the largest of all PS3 SKU’s in the UK but in the long run, it’s not going to be enough. As I said, I’ve had mine since launch but it only took me four months to fill the HDD to bursting point. I’ve had to resort to using an external HDD for some install data and all my music and videos. With that in mind, I must have used – if you count what I had to delete just to save – roughly 150gb.

Now, the expected life of the PS3 is said to be 10 years but through the power of quick math that means we need a HDD with the capacity to store 1500gb worth of data. Thinking more into that, if we were to get multiple internal HDD’s (to reach 1500gb) with a limit of (for e.g.) 250gb we would end up spending around £300 – that’s nearly $600! Todays technology doesn’t support anything close to 1tb of memory on a 2.5″ internal HDD so unless a new way for us to save our information is introduced our pockets are going to be hit.

Notice all the above is just approximations though. We still haven’t got our hands on Little Big Planet etc. With all the customised content that will be readily available it could mean the rough size needed of our HDD could be much more.

Let’s move this all to one side and think of suitable ways to solve the problem. One solution could be online memory cards, a place on Sony’s servers that you could maybe rent annually. They’ve already applied this method loosely on Warhawk and a lot of online games. Your statistics, clan information, overall points, achievements etc are not stored on the console. Instead, the PS3 accesses your information from their servers. There would be no need to worry about purchasing a new HDD every 12 months and severely limits the chance of a corrupt save file.

The second option could be that Sony release their own brand of external drives which allow you to store games and game saves on. It would be a simple case of plugging in the correct drive for which ever game you wish to play and swapping it whenever the need be.

Of course, I’m no expert in this area of technology but I am aware that something needs to be thought up. I’m a pretty avid fan of Sony and own a fair few games. I don’t trade-in or sell and keep everything I purchase – most of the time. So, if my HDD is getting full in little to no time then I’m sure some of yours are.

Tell me what you think the best strategy for this problem is. While it’s not a big one yet – it will be soon. Also, if you have any tips on saving space then leave a comment.



  1. my 40GB hard drive filled up pretty quickly so 2 weeks a go i replaced it with a 120GB one. i did what a bigger one but that was the biggest size i could afford.

  2. 120GB would do me fine, i have a lot of songs on my PS3 because my PC has bad sound quality, and all the music will come in handy when more games use in-game music, i had a 60GB PS3, 5GB is used straight away with the PS3 software so really a 60GB is 55GB and 80GB 75GB and so on. I have 24GB left still but when PlayTV comes out i get a feeling i will need much more.

  3. Maybe you need to think about using Media server funtion for your music and videos, i use it and 60gb is fine for me at the mo, but i wish they would let you access save data files that are on you’re computer and aslo save them to there, that would clear up alot more space!

  4. its not just the ps3 software when you format the hard drive you lose some space such as a 40GB is only 37GB and a 120GB is 111GB

  5. lol bear dont forget most people dont have 76+ games lol… i think 60gb will last me until i et rid of ma ps3. i just delete the games i dont have anymore… lol

  6. I was thinking about replacing my HDD a while back, but I heard a vicious rumour that you have to repurchase any PSN bought games that you have downloaded, which put me off. Is that true? If not then I’ll probably upgrade soon. By the way could this be the answer to our storage problems?

  7. The link you posted isnt a HDD, just a recordable disc isnt it? Also you wont have to repurchase PSN games because you can download the PSN games up to 5 times, so if you change your hard drive just redownload your purchase in the My Downloads section.

  8. I didn’t know this till after the download but as long as you back EVERYTHING up (which took nearly 2 hours) then you don’t have to re-download anything! 😀

    I was over the moon about it! Ecspecially considering my internet connection speed is pretty poor.

  9. Bear – did you have any problems backing up? I thought FAT32 HDDs had a limit to what can be transferred. Could you run through the process for us? Perhaps you could do a post as a walkthrough of the whole process. I know there are a few of these online, but you might give a fresher perpsective and include any niggles you had- I will probably upgrade my HDD if it’s not too much of a hassle.

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