Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 8, 2008

Codemasters F1 game to be sim

Codemasters has confirmed that they will be using their newly acquired F1 licence to create a sim F1 game.

Gamers were worried after fans of the Touring Car series were left disappointed with the release of GRID which was more a arcade-sim game rather than complete simulation which Codemasters are known for.

On the official Codemasters forums they have officially responded with the following quote:

GRID and DiRT are aimed at an arcade audience and they do that very well. F1 has different requirements and will get a completely different treatment from our in-house team, including full on sim options, physics, rules and regs etc. We will also have arcade requirements catered for as well. How this will be split we do not know yet, but split it will be.

So relax guys its official the newest Formula one game will be a sim.



  1. It will better have 4 player split screen or there will be no F1 for me.

  2. not that bothered about f1 but i was a massive fan of race driver and colin mcrae rally games why did they change the type of game from sim the arcade sim for GRID and DiRT, why????!!!??????

  3. I think they made more of a mistake with DiRT but GRID is a great game as it is, i was a buyer of the first TOCA with the grey Audi A4 with windows that werent even see through (and the cheat for the pink cadillac) but i think GRID is so fun and addictive and for me it is a racer i just dont want to put down, gets the adrenaline flowing.

  4. i admit GRID is a good game but its not a proper race driver game

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