Posted by: bearskopff | July 4, 2008

My take on the trophy display.

I’m loving 2.40 but I’m a natural at complaining and as such I have found something to moan about. I’m eagerly earning trophies but half the time I’m unaware I’ve earned them because the location of the trophy pop-up is where friends names and new messages appear – which I’ve learnt to ignore (completely).

Also, when you do see the icon it doesn’t exactly look, incredible. It’s grey and dark grey but there’s also some lovely grey. I think you get my point. We need something that stands out and appears more glorious than the feeling of actually earning that trophy you’ve been working 20 solid hours for. My idea isn’t anything overly fancy, just a short animation that looks as if it’s part of the PSN.

It looks and bit rough around the edges but it’s merely a prototype. What I was aiming for was the PSN icon to appear at the bottom of the screen in the centre. The logo then opens up and forms into the image above displaying your recent accomplishment. It then collapses on itself, forms into the PSN icon again and flies down, off the screen.

It more vibrant and noticeable than the current icon and it ties in nicely into the whole PSN thing. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see changed then do a quick design and leave the link in the comments section. I always enjoy seeing peoples handy work.



  1. bearskopff i got a good idea send me a email if you want to hear it

  2. if course i want to hear it mate. just gimme ur email address 😀 Id ont have yours – do I?

  3. looks cool, you should email sony with that (not that they’ll reply

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