Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 3, 2008

Dual Shock 3 vs Nyko Zero

Nyko Zero

666PS3 take a look at the latest wireless controller offering from Nyko, Zero and compare it to the Dual Shock 3. First lets take a quick look at the feature of the Nyko Zero controller:

Unique metal polymer resin hybrid design for optimal grip and comfort
Full 6 direction motion control and vibration support
Rechargeable NiMH battery with USB charging cable provides up to 25 hours of play time
Backlit LED analog face buttons
State of the art wireless chip set with a range of up to 30 ft
Precision analog sticks, buttons and triggers provide maximum durability
Heat dissipating aluminum panels
LED charge indicator light
AA battery pack
Choose from 3 unique designs

The controller fits nicely in the hands, i enjoy playing with both my DS3 and this controller, but when it comes to which one keeps my hands cooler the Zero beats the DS3. the aluminum panels on the top are nice and cool which is comfortable for gaming. The analogue sticks are closer together than the Dual Shock so if that’s a problem i suggest you DON’T buy this product. also the buttons are closer together as well. If you have stubby thumbs this controller would work well for you. The L2 and R2 triggers are moved further back slightly like the 360 controller.. not a favorite feature of mine but i can deal with it, its great to race with this controller. The LEDs light up the “0” (replaces the PS button, has almost all the same functions) button and the other buttons excluding the D-Pad and the Analog sticks, although it would be cool if the analog sticks lit up as well.

So lets List the Pros and Cons and give both the DS3 and the Nyko Zero a Rating shall we?
The ratings will be as follows, Comfort/Looks/Vibration/Quality/Convenience/Battery Life

DS3 Comfort: Feels great, handles great, classic PS design we all know and love, gets a little sweaty when playing for long times, other than that whats not to like? (4.5/5)

Nyko Zero Comfort: Keeps the Hands cooler than the PS Design, but i don’t like the buttons on the right being closer together, and the triggers being back might be great for racing, but might be annoying for people playing MGO (4/5)

DS3 Looks: Same old design they used since the original PS with a little twist, the PS button and the trigger R2 and L2. Some more style in it could make it look nicer than it is though, why no LED in the PS button!? :-(! (4/5)

Nyko Zero Looks: I love the design, very next gen looking… nothing looks much like this in the market (Ed: I disagree)…. the LEDs are a Definite PLUS, the 0 button changes color depending on player… would be better if the trigger buttons weren’t so far back. (4.5/5)

DS3 Vibration: Not as strong than the DS2. (3/5)

Nyko Zero Vibration: The same if not a little stronger than the DS2 (5/5)

DS3 Quality: Sony makes great products and it reflects in the quality of the controller (5/5)

Nyko Zero Quality: When you take it and hold in in your hands, you know its a good quality product… only thing is the DPad feels a little cheap. (4/5)

DS3 Convenience: Take it out of the Box, Plug it in, Push PS button, Good to go! (5/5)Nyko Zero Convenience: Take it out of box, Plug in USB cable, put the battery in the controller, push button on USB and Controller at the same time and you’re good to go! **IMPORTANT NOTE** the 0 button does NOT power on the PS3. (2/5)

DS3 Battery Life: 1 full charge lasts me about 4-5 days, if battery dies on me though, screwed and have to play plugged in… (4/5)

Nyko Zero Battery Life: Supports 20+ hours of constant game play with its provided rechargeable battery pack, if battery dies? 2 choices, play while hooked up to a wire LONGER than the stock PS3 Wire, OR get some AA batteries and put them in your back up, put them in your Controller and you’re good to go, with just a 20 second delay to do all that… less if you’re quick 😉 (5/5)



Nyko Zero: 4/5

[Nyko Product Store]

Thanks to user [genex07]


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