Posted by: bearskopff | July 3, 2008

Any problems?

We were using MS software! Honest!As some of you are aware, the recent 2.40 update for the PS3 was pulled becasue of a few issues. Yesterday I had two new error codes and have also found a couple of corrupt saves. Today has been fine so far but I’m not holding my breath.

Has anyone else had any strange happenings since the  update?

I’m trying to get through to Sony for an official statement on what exactly happened and when we’ll see a fix. Stay tuned.



  1. Not had any problems so far. Might pop home and back up all my saves. Does it make a difference what console you have? I have a first launch 60gb console and have had no problems (So Far – touchwood).

  2. I have the 60gb as well mate. It seems to affect any console though atm. Rumour has it that it’s the way it downloaded – not the download itself.

    Something corrupted my save file on Heavenly Sword but I’m not too fussed about that. Gives me chance to play it again.

    It’ll also give me a break from SSHD. That game can drive a man insane!

  3. Hmmm. Might be safer to leave the black box alone until the new update is available. Agree with you about Heavenly Sword, very under-rated game, which I really enjoyed.

  4. A new update will probably be out by the weeks end anyway. Just in case you do want to play it safe 🙂

    Heavenly Sword is brilliant. Shame the hype machine completely ruined it for some.

  5. Trophies may be coming to heavenly sword, nothing 100% confirmed but it is very likely. WOO.

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