Posted by: bearskopff | July 2, 2008

It’s here folks!

I was one in a vast majority of us that stayed up last night for the inevitable release of firmware 2.40. Seems I could have had a good nights sleep after all as it was officially released this morning (approx 4am – GMT/DST) and is now ready for download. It’s a biggy so if your off to work either remote download 2.40 via you PSP or just leave the PS3 on whilst your out.

Mines be going for about an hour now and has nearly made it to 20%!!! Can’t beat UK internet! Anyway, I’m off to watch the loading bar. I’ll report back later to tell you if I managed to get anything or not.

Peace PS3 person!



  1. Just to check it is the latest download isn’t it? The website still says the release date is the 18th June. Is that just a lack of the ps3 bods updating the page?

  2. Which website says it is 18th June?? We are in July now.

  3. lol my download took less then ten minutes, the internet must suck in the UK

  4. well im in the uk min took 10 minutes max but thats cable dsl for you


    Definitely says June 18th. Anyroad I have downloaded it. 10 minutes, pah! Took me 58 seconds – the UK still rocks.

  6. You lot have put my internet connection to shame. Then again, it doesn’t really take much! πŸ˜€

    I have managed to get 4 trophies so far. What’s everyone else got?

    Oh, and Jon? Where do you work??? I don’t suppose I could pop over every so often to get my downloads done quicker! πŸ™‚

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