Posted by: bearskopff | July 2, 2008

For our readers and our clan.

The PSstore had a little shuffle around today along with the 2.40 update, which urged me to re-design this place. If you visited here from the beginning you will have already seen some drastic changes but this site means the world to me and as such, I want to make it as nice looking, intuitive and fun as I can for everyone. I’m not much of a web designer but I’m alright at graphics and have come up with this:

Click the image for a clearer look if you need to. Now, the reason I’m posting this is because I need your input. In the comments section please put up your ideas, notes, pointers and hopefully tips. If I manage to come buy someone with a good knowledge of web design and they don’t charge silly amounts then hopefully you’ll all have a nice site to use.

Cheers, Andy.



  1. It looks awful on here but click it for a higher resolution. There’s a few bits and pieces I didn’t include but it’s a work in progress. Hopefully your advice will be a massive help. Cheers again.

  2. ok, so home tab and maybe change the size of the font apart from that i like it as its a nice relaxing look and doesnt hurt the eyes.

    1 question
    Can you get rid of the “” bit in the main title/headline bit?

  3. Yeah. The name itself might change depending on where we buy the domain. If it stays as it is now (666ps3) then yeah, i’ll get rid off the bit.

  4. In forums i have been using the URL code to get ride of the wordpress. But getting going into a domain would give greater creatability, Like letting me upload vids and pics.

  5. i’m having a good chat with Myowninsanity. he’s like a web-design mesa. He should be quite helpful! 😀

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