Posted by: jungleburgar | July 2, 2008

56 Warhawk Trophies on the way.

The old dog has new life. Over on the  , Dylan has posted new details of a new warhawk patch. v1.5 which sets to include 56 brand spanking new trophies for you to delve back into the world of warhawk, if like me you lost the zest for it. There is 56 more reason to now play it. Sounds good to me. But 1 thing puzzles me about all these trophies.

Where in Home is big enough to store all these trophies.

  • There are 10 trophies based on the Warhawk’s current stats/rank/awards system. Like getting all your Bronze badges, attaining a specific rank, or earning a number of medals.

  • There are 34 trophies that are entirely *new* rewards based on Warhawks core game and not based on our current stats, ranks or other awards.

  • There are then 4 trophies per booster pack that are, of course, completely new awards.



    1. I remember seeing a massive virtual gallery in HOME, like a walk in wardrobe and it has different levels.

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