Posted by: jungleburgar | July 1, 2008

Raw emotion in games

I wrote this before Metal Gear Solid 4 came out, i had to otherwise the whole thought into this post would have been blown apart.

What i want you (the reader) to do is imagine any situation you have been in with a family member or a friend during playing a game. 

 “How can you sum up the emotion that games can deliver. Is it in the cut-scenes. It would suggest so, as in my whole gaming life the only time you get to really connect with the character/s would have been in the scenes that tells you the story. Why, who, where and of course when. The 4 fundamental questions which drive the game on and make you carry on until the end. There have been some instances where the game just bores you and you give up. But i want to write about the games which make you, not need, but want to carry on until the final moments”.

“I have asked this question to a forum which i am a part of. The answers i had was all about the cut-scenes. Not only the cut-scenes. But it was also about the the game creating atmosphere. They make you jump, how can any one forget when the first time they played Resident Evil. Walking through the quiet corridor when the camera shifted and the dogs came jumping through the windows. Or even walking through a dark cramped mansion with only the flicker of your torch, and the protection of a camera as you did in Project Zero”.

“Some games deliver a sucker punch in the mid-gut a moment of clarity that just takes your breath away. In recent months Call Of Duty 4 did this the set-pieces. That story was in a word sensational. In a lot of peoples minds, no other game gave you what COD4 gave you and that was clarity. Be it wanting revenge for the way Jackson dies(the American character you control). Or the way Infinity Ward made you control him to his untimely death just after you successfully rescued a chopper pilot. It was never meant to be this way”.

“The only game i have ever played that came close enough to the want issue was Ico. It was an arty game that made you not only need to advance, but want to save yorda. There was no way you wanted to leave such a fragile thing alone in a daunting castle, with the evil that lurked inside and the creatures that were sent to capture her from your grasp. Leaping over gaps, and the way Ico encouraged her to follow you even though the game gave you the feeling that she was scared and always considered the options. When she finally (and gracefully) jumped it was such a draining situation you could relate to when the boy with horns threw himself to grab her arm if the gap was to great”.

“In the moments of calm outside, when the game gave you some time, Just watching Yorda run around chasing birds made the whole nature of the game feel like a natural one. You could just run around with her for a while. In fact as long as you wanted. As it being still just a game you needed to trigger the aspirations to come after her. You did have time to play and make a virtual friend in the gifted being. Lets not talk about the beach, i dont fancy reaching for the kleenex tonight”.

“I have only used a few games to pin point some issues in the raw emotion as i have only used the games i have experienced myself. There are games with intense action, giving you R.S.I. There games that frustrate the hairs to sweat. And there are games with an awe inspiring feel to them”.

“There are games that actually do give you raw emotion. These are the games that help you to connect to other people”.



  1. Love the article mate. I really enjoyed it.

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