Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 1, 2008

In Game Music

We all know that tomorrow sees the arrival of firmware 2.40 which allows us to play our own music whilst playing a game but will you be using this feature? Maybe a bit of Mozart whilst on a killing spree on Grand Theft Auto IV, a bit of KORN whilst sneaking on Metal Gear Solid or a bit of Barbie Girl whilst racing round Donnington Park on Race Driver GRID. I will be using this a lot, with sound effects though.

UPDATE: Some readers have gotten confused by this poll, this poll is to ask will you use the ingame music feature when it is available for the game, obviously the feature will have to be added to the game itself just like the trophy system, so, will you have ingame music or not?



  1. That’s false. You can’t play music directly off the XMB. 2.40 has the ability to play custom soundtracks through games that have that feature. So you’ll need patches to listen to music in your old games, and need custom soundtrack ability to come with new games.

  2. cool shit

  3. fuck yes

  4. ill be listening to techno when it finally lets you play it game ill stick to headphones for now.

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