Posted by: bearskopff | July 1, 2008

Cuckoo? Ring-ring? BONG???

To begin with, excuse the title. This is merely a simple update on the trophy support that will be with us in the next few hours! The Q&A we recently had a look at has been updated to tell us that when you acquire a trophy you’ll also hear a noise. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this noise will be so for now, guess in the comments area. The funniest wins the internet….



  1. I think it will be a pig squeal.

  2. I’m hoping for a dixie-horn! (Like off Dukes of Hazzard!) 😀

  3. im thinking it will b noise that will last so long, that it will annoy the crap out of you so u HAVE to get all the trophies.

    that or a women having an orgasm, that would be awesome 😀

  4. Maybe you can customise the tone like when you make a PSN theme, so mine definately will be a pig scream, or a godlike voice saying You Are God.

  5. tannoy announcement. Bong bong. Hi de hi

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