Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 30, 2008

PS2 games coming to PS Store?

A sharp eyed person has took noticed on a photo of the PS Store that it shows Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, not only that but if you click the thumbnail to see the photo at full size you will notice Fantavision, The Bouncer and Smugglers Run among some other Playstation2 titles, check the cheap prices aswell.

We will class this as rumour for now until we know better but this photo looks very genuine, could this be another suprise for us at E3??




  1. I suppose that will please those with the 40gb. Luckily I have the 60gb and can pick all PS2 & PSone games up for cheap…I also save valuable HDD space.

    I might get the odd one though…depends if they are optimized. New feature etc

  2. Seems Sony didn’t even know about this! 😀

    Still, the idea is sound and hopefully it’ll be taken on. Would have been nice to hear a confirmation at E3 but I wasn’t overly fussed about this in the first place. 60gb FTW!

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