Posted by: bearskopff | June 29, 2008

Living on the EDGE…

Pardon? What’s that? Oh, PS3 is going to smash Xbox Lives Gamer Cards to smitherines? Damn right!

Good ol’ Sony has released a press statement today regarding ANOTHER new feature for the PSN. Going by the name EDGE, it’s a service that makes collecting those elusive trophies all the more rewarding. Here’s the full details:

“PlayStation Edge comes with a seamless integration into the already widely popular PlayStation Network® and will allow PlayStation®3 owners to use their trophies earned to receive free gifts and discounts on PlayStation Network by going to the PlayStation EDGE panel located in the PlayStation Store. Trophies may be accumulated by playing games and meeting the required critieria, 50 points will be rewarded for a platinum trophies, 30 for gold, 20 for silver and 10 for bronze. Rewards will be given out in exchange for trophies accumulated via playthrough.Due to this, a new feature has been included with firmware 2.4 whereby game saves will be tied to the console and be non transferrable in order to create fairness. Once enough trophy points are accumulated for a chosen item, players points will be automatically tallied and deducted via PlayStation Network and the item shipped out or debited straight to your account if it is a digital reward such as a discount or free download. All of these features can be enjoyed on one single system with multiple accounts, although saves will be tied to accounts.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

PlayStation EDGE looks to improve the connection between gamers and spur exciting contests whereby players will be rewarded in game for accomplishing tasks, and also translate it into the real world in the form of free rewards. Rewards will vary from limited items to discounts or bonuses on the PlayStation Store.”

It seems Sony are really pulling there finger out recently and there doing a fine job of making it’s PS3 users happy! I can’t wait to get my hands on this. What do you lot think of it?



  1. This should stop those pesky cheaters downloading saves off gamefaqs! Hehehe!

  2. ^ I agree completely… now we can actually get people to work for their stuff..

    like the mgs4 big boss emblem

    and The GTA4 100% complete..

  3. Luckily for me I have got the Emblem…and done GTAIV 100%

    I better get a bloody big reward for completing GTA mind. What a waste of time that was!!!

    It’d be nice to see if there’s some kind of clan support. Your clan would be on your GamerCard and if you clicked on it, it would show all the accumulative achievements etc by that group of people. You’d be able to see who your fighting against then…

    …sort of.

  4. looks gnarly, hopefully this will make M$ think twice about what they’re doing and how they’re charging people.

  5. it’s a fake here is the source.

  6. Hmmm… sounds good ALTHOUGH! they appeared to have DRM’ed Save Games? does this mean I cant take my saves round to a mates house and use it on his system? I do that quite a bit….

  7. If this really is fake then on the scale of “Absolutely Gutted” I’m going to be ranking pretty high!

    Lynch – if the stories true then I think that might be the case. Or maybe it just doesn’t allow the game saves achievements/trophies to transfer onto someone else’s machine. God knows how they’d figure that one out though.

  8. i hope its not fake nice to be rewarded for hard work

  9. i wonder if trophies will count in games already released and if we did the requierments already; get instant points once its release 😉

  10. This is more fake than an election in Zimbabwe.

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