Posted by: bearskopff | June 27, 2008


The copying console wars have always relied on different competition. Companies have to come up with innovative ideas to help shift consoles…or, to save them a bit of time, rip off a rival companies idea.

It looks like it’s Microsofts turn to put on the balaclava as they steal Home from SCEE and the Mii’s of Nintendo. They’ve bonded them together to create it’s own offspring/software…

Back on topic. As we all know Home has been in progress for quite* a while but generally speaking, not a lot of people know that. So, if MS manage to churn this out before the release of Home then maybe it’s going to put a bad light on Sony. Ecspecially since they borrowed a few channels off the Wii and mashed them into “Life”.

Anyway. Have a look at the images, speculate as you please and you can colour me interested.

*massive understatement



  1. I know it shouldn’t but this has really wound me up…

  2. Yeah but look at that screen, nothing against home at all, that deserves to be on the Wii.

  3. thing is they got “something” out by the time “home open beta” is out to the ps3….

  4. I really wish Home would get a move on but because there’s only one team on it (SCEE) it’s bound to take a while. They have said an open beta for Home will be released this year but they still havn’t dated when the final product will be released…

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