Posted by: bearskopff | June 27, 2008

A triple dose of Socom news!

In at number 3!

Our friends over on PS3fanboy have got themselves an exlcusive hands-on with the forthcoming title. There’s a nice bit of insight into the game so without a further-a-do, click the image for the full article.

Up one place from last week, number 2!

If you bought the Blu-Ray version of Warhawk you would have got the below-par headset which ended up more as an ear cleaner than something for gaming. If you buy the Blu-Ray release of Socom however, you get what has to be the smartest looking headset since the Jawbone.

It’s so tasty in fact, Sony have now blessed it with there trademark. Yummy!


And this weeks number 1!

There are two brand new videos of lovely Socom goodness waited be seen here and here! Enjoy the videos, pre-order the Blu-Ray copy of Socom and if nothing more exciting happens this evening, have a nice weekend.



  1. I am definately getting this game on Blu!

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