Posted by: bearskopff | June 26, 2008

Get the popcorn ready!

For all you of you film fans and movie moguls Sony has just released a screen of the forth-coming video service for the Playstation Store. Judging from the screens that have been released it looks as if there will be quite a nice selection of films to check out from the get go and more will be released on a regular basis thanks to Sony’s hand in the movie industry pot. Also, with the PS3 backing Blu-Ray we might see a heavy influx of movies from other companies (which can only be a good thing) and there are rumours of a plan to have the movies accessible for the PSP and PC as well. Pretty good news, don’t you think?

If you didn’t already know, the 360 has had a video store for a short while now and has managed to do quite well for itself. Now with Sony wading into the market, will we see a drop in digital downloads price? Either way, competition can only be a good thing for the consumer so I’ll raise my methaporical glass to them and wait, on the edge of my seat, until a European release date…which could be a while.



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