Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 25, 2008

XMB, then what?

As we all know the upcoming firmware 2.40 will contain the highly anticipated in game XMB, but will this keep the gamers happy? If so what will we cry out for next?

Firmware 2.40 will be available in July sometime and will include XMB, nothing has been officially detailed as of yet of what the firmware will be packing and how much we will be able to access from in game XMB but just the words in game XMB seem to have got everyone excited. Ever since the Playstation 3 was released gamers wanted in game XMB, the equivalent of what the 360 version has, we want XMB with full functionality.

That said, after many months waiting for in game access, say we receive it and love it and it is perfection, what else will we expect from the Playstation3, what else can Sony do?

Firstly i would like to see the promised video store for Europe and not just North America, then there is HOME due for release in September with rollouts starting from sometime in July with a Gmail roll out system. The browser Sony has for the PS3 needs to be rethought, i know we aren’t on a PC here but i would like to access my hotmail for the least, maybe a partnership between Sony and Firefox? That would be great, specially design fully functional browser which can access any website and view any content with problems, how about some third party created freeware for the PS3? Maybe a mad Paint program, or little mini games like pinball or a great live messenger service to rival MSN?

In a nutshell the Playstation 3 still isnt perfect and after the in game XMB is released Sony shouldn’t think they can sit there happy they have done a good job, gamers will want more and expect more, come on Sony what else have you got up your (often delay-able) sleeve???

What would you guys like to see?



  1. Well I would like to see a couple of additions to the XMB that should have already been there.

    – Continuous Playback of Video
    – Playlists for Video
    – Ability to Charge Controller during Standby
    – Ability to Create Sub-folders directly from the PS3

    That is all I can think of Currently but I know there is more.

  2. The controller charge would be a great idea, i hate playing with my USB plugged in charging my controller.

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