Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 25, 2008

Free middleware to cut PS3 load times

If you ask me PS3 load times are near to nothing at the moment but this is due to the install of a few GB to the PS3 HDD, could this be an answer to stop these installs?

CRI have announced they will be making their middleware ´File Majik Pro for Playstation 3´free to developers from June 2008 until 2010. What does this middleware do though?

With individual compressed & development technology and the optimization etc of file arrangement, load time of the game is reduced half or less, “file magic PRO” of the CRI middleware (as for the related article this). But from 2008 October this middleware product of offer schedule, this time with the CRI middleware, being gratuitous for play station 3 “file magic PRO”, only play station 3 proper [raisenshi], it announced that it offers. Gratuitous offer period in schedule to 2010 March (2008 June presently), because of this, as for each game manufacturer it reaches the point where “file magic PRO” can be utilized in title development without burden of license cost. Call good news for play station 3 for the manufacturer which examines the development of the software it may.

According to CRI, File Majik Pro is able to cut down the load times of:
Wii by reading 50mb off DVD, from 10.9 sec to 4.6 sec (2.4 times faster)
Wii Ware by reading 20mb off memory, from 2.3 to 1.1 sec (2.1 times faster)
360 by reading 450mb off DVD, from 36.3 to 15.5 sec (2.3 times faster)
PS3 by reading 200mb off BluRay, from 22.8 to 9.9 sec (2.3 times faster)
PSP by reading 20mb off UMD, from 11.1 to 5 sec (2.2 times faster)
NDS by reading 2mb off NDS Cart, from 1.4 to 1 sec (1.4 times faster)


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