Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 25, 2008

CVG confirms XMB features


CVG has released a full feature list for the upcoming 2.40 firmware which is to include in game access.

All of the following you will be able to access in game:

  • Friend category
  • View, send, receive messages
  • Manage downloads
  • Set the vibration feature of the controller
  • Sign in to PlayStation Network
  • Register friends
  • Manage Bluetooth devices
  • Terminate the game
  • Music category
  • Use the system BGM
  • Work the system BGM operation panel
  • Settings category
  • Assign controllers
  • View profiles
  • Game category
  • Set audio devices
  • Use the voice changer

Full 2D trophy support will be included within the firmware, these will include Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, Platinum can be acheived by getting ALL trophies in a game, there will be no points system like the 360, only levelling up, like COD4 levelling system for example.

The firmware will be available within 3 weeks time, also E3 is in 3 weeks time so the timing couldnt be more perfect. In game music will be available, no confirmation whether it will work with all games but maybe only newer games, or devs can release a update for older games, i am sure MGS4 will use this with its ipod feature (my assuming).

I am looking forward to this BIG TIME and cant wait.


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