Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 24, 2008

Welcome to 666 PS3

You are currently viewing the newest blog for the latest Playstation 3 News and Reviews, if you want to be updated this is the place to be, if you would like honest user reviews which tell you how the game ´really´is instead of the usually biased reviews of big gaming sites then you are in the right place.

This blog will be updated daily with all the breaking news, if you have a user review please feel free to email me and i will check the quality of the review and if it is of good quality i will consider posting it, also feel free to email me your review scores, the best review i receive will be posted and from the other reviews i shall take the overall score to create an average user score for the game in question.

This blog is ran in association with 666 Join Us Or Be Damned, a multigaming clan for the Playstation 3 currently battling on many fronts on gamebattles.



  1. Hey paulo nice blog. I like it!

  2. dont forget to mention the clan vids 😉

  3. nice one paulo! the blog looks good mate. long live the 666.

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