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Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 Cover

Single player mode

MGS4 Single player is all about sneaking on its open battlefield. Using Snake’s special sneaking suit with “Octocamo” really comes in handy and gives a new definition in sneaking while the enemy battles their enemy, with you right in the middle, until you reach your destination.

The octocamo imitates your surroundings making you blend in to “that” wall to a certain percentage shown in your top right game screen. The higher the percentage, the less you’ll get caught. Later on you can add face camo to Snake’s sneaky inventory, so you can have a better performance or tweak him up with some easter eggs cameos.

The mechanics are nice and smooth. The controls have improved and are westernized. Now we have the option of playing like a FPS game, with over the should view which is amazing and smooth or auto aim for its fans. Snake can also walk while crouched to add a more sense into stealth.

You can make friends with the militia, which is the enemy of the PMCs. In this game you have to try to avoid the PMCs or fight them to reach your goal. Makes sense if you want to team up to the militia right? You can also trade with the militia acquiring you some additional “extras”.

The maps are well detailed for their environment. There are wind changes and temperate that will stress Snake if he’s out in the sunlight. Stress is a new status on Snake in this game. The higher the stress, the less accurate Snake will be and his psych bar will decrease faster. If Snake is for a long period with high stress while on a gun fight, he’ll reach a “combat high” that will increase his defense, accuracy and attack for a short period of time.

A bit after the start of the game you meet , a weapon launder. He sells you weapons, ammo’s and other supplies. You acquire  Points(DP) by collecting weapons from the battlefield in which automatically will be sold into points so you can purchase them later. He also unlocks IDs from weapons so you can actually use some of the enemy’s weapons. He brings up a BIG arsenal for you to use, this is the biggest arsenal that I’ve ever seen in a video game.

Besides all of this, the rest of the game play is simply amazing. You can hold up enemies, play them up by shooting silenced shots, go all out war with all your weapon warehouse, find all kind of cameos for your octocamo and manually register it so you can select it any time, make enough DPs to buy all the weapons and items, get all ending ranks.

The replay value is just amazing. I’ve never played a MGS game twice after clearing it for the first time… not to say trice either, in which I did. That means the game is THAT good.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay


The story is deep and well executed. Even though some cut scenes got a bit annoying, this had to be done to finally wrap-up Snakes story without leaving plot holes. If you play all the MGS and MG games and know well the story, you’ll be amazed on how everything started, how, why and huh!?. If you played MPO, MGS3 and know the story very well, you’ll feel proud of a certain someone(I’ll let you guess, and no it’s not Big Boss). So to not spoil the story, I’ll let you figure it out by playing the game.


MGS4 has over 75 weapons in its wide arsenal. Some might be hard to acquire and some may be not, but the arsenal is extremely big. You will never see a arsenal like this anywhere else. Big props to Drebin.

The weapons range from hand guns, assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and a ton of extras. You can customize about 70% of these into your way to fit. From silencers to scopes and grips for accuracy and special ammo. You’ll love the customization and btw the weapons look great!


This time around, there are more options in healing items. There’s plenty that do their job by healing your health bar or you psych bar or even lower Snake’s stress.

You’ll be able to access the good o’ box, and the new “drum can” that can roll through the streets.

You get two new items that will help Snake on his guest. First of the Solid Eye System, this is the eye patch that you see snake with on all screen shots. Its functions are simple, makes a sound radar on the top right of the screen and locates and shows you where items are at. It also works as a zoom scope and a very handy infrared-night vision goggles.

The second item is the MK.II. It’s a small metal gear robot that Snake can control to stun enemies, capture traps for you to keep or scout out the area. Pretty handy if you ask me.


The graphics are over the top. They make the environments as realistic as possible(if you exclude Crisis) and no frame drops. Some certain high speed chances will have you glued to your sit. You will be amazed that you’re actually playing a video game and not watching a movie.


The music and sound effects are very well worked on. This is the most sound achieving game out there. You won’t find any better sound effects anywhere except in the Hollywood film… hell this even rivals most of them.


There are so many extras that’ll keep you playing back. From alternate routes in most maps, to taking scenery pictures into your camera for viewing later. Unlockable secret weapons. Some cameo appearances by past characters. HIDEO channels at the start of the game. The Sunny cam. Other unlockables.

Lets also not for get about the iPod. It’s a nice extra that affects Snake’s acc/health gain/etc. I’ve found 35 tracks so far. Some are tracks from previous games and some are other games or movies. It’s nice to hear your favorite MGS tracks will sniping, right?


Metal Gear Online

MGO is very similar to the MGO of the previous MGS3 Subsistence. With a few changes to some modes, the game is overall the same but with a better lobby, weapons, character creation and gameplay.

What do I think?

Well, MGS4 left me with wanting more of Snake. A new story and new everything. But the guy needs a rest, right? I also wouldn’t like to wait 10-20 years to see the conclusion of a story, yeesh who knows if I’ll be alive?

Normally I never play a single player mode of any game after clearing it, to play it over again twice or even 3 times. It’s never happened and MGS4 finally made me do it. I am amazed by that achievement… not just that but all the boundaries that the game has broken. If video games should be judge on scale of other games by review scores, then this is the one that should be put in comparation. Just like Gears of Wars was a while ago.


Graphics 10 – The game is graphically stunning. Go run into a snow storm and tell me if you’ve seen anything more realistic than that in a video game.

Sound 10 – Like I said, there’s no game with any superior sound than this one. It rivals Hollywood films.

Gameplay 10 – Like I said, I’ve played it through 3 times. No game has ever done this plus is a cinematic achievement.

Originality 10 – There’s nothing like the octocamo anywhere… hell not even that sneaky MK.II.

Overall 10 – If I could put a 20 I would. This game is the closest to perfect than any other. It’ll be a while till we seen a game like this again. Start counting the days.

Average 666 PS3 User score: 10/10

Meta Review

1up – A-

Gameinformer – 100/100

GameDaily – 80/100

GamePro – 100/100

IGN – 100/100


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