Posted by: eraunsti666 | June 24, 2008

Burnout Paradise Update Close

Critereon games have posted on the Official Playstation blog information about its latest FREE updates for Burnout Paradise. The latest update has been codenamed Cagney and will be jam packed of free features to breath new life into Burnout Paradise “and in the process, we aim to radically change what everyone expects of downloadable content” says Simon Phipps, Designer for Critereon Games.

The Cagney patch will feature the following:

3 new Online Game Modes

  • Online Stunt Run – you and up to 7 others compete for the highest stunt score
  • Online Road Rage – where you team up and try to stop the other team from reaching their destination
  • Online Marked Man – someone gets called out and everyone else tries to hunt them down
  • 70 new Online Timed Challenges

    • Everyone teams up to pull off stunts and other feats in the world, against the clock

    New Vehicles (including the Hunter Olympus)

    Major improvements to our Ranked Racing system

    Plus heaps more, including:

    • 1080i support for PlayStation 3 owners with “almost HD” sets
    • Improved Standard Definition rendering for PlayStation 3
    • Support for Custom Soundtracks on PlayStation 3

    Also there have been many rumours that the support for custom soundtracks is a big hint towards the release of firmware 2.40, this i find unlikely due to Critereon announcing custom music a while back before firmware 2.40 was even hinted at having in game XMB.



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