Posted by: bearskopff | January 6, 2008

PSN – South East

Here is where you post you PSN if you live in and around – South East of the UK.



  1. PSN: Edo411

    into bondage, threesome (the good kind)… oh wait thats not what we’re talking about, my bad

    erm yeah, i ahve a ps3 and i like to play online :D.

  2. PSN: Bowerz666

    from southampton, anyone add me if your from the surrounding area 😉

  3. PSN: JPRE

    From Sevenoaks, Kent.

  4. PSN: AlexPritchard (it’s a stupid display name i know)

    Games(online): R:FoM (and 2 when it comes out), GTAIV, Cod4, Skate, Team Fortress 2, Army of 2, Civ Rev
    and will be getting battlefield BC + LBP soon

    From Kent

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