Posted by: immobilise | July 27, 2008

WipEout HD To Get Trophy Support And Split-Screen

WipeOut HD

SCEE has spoken to TVG in response to the reports of a delay to WipEout HD, followed by reports of the game causing epilepsy fits. This is what they said:

The reason for the delay of WipEout HD on PS3 has been due to the many improvements we have been making and the numerous features we’ve added to the game. These include: 8 reverse tracks, 4 extra ships, 2 alternative HUDS, 2 Player offline split screen and XMB Trophy support. We look forward to sharing WipEout HD with you very soon.

Regarding the speculation about health issues, we can assure you that we take consumer safety very seriously and monitor it very carefully.

Nice to see them add XMB trophy support and 2 player offline split screen. I can speak for many others gamers when I said we would have been p***** if there wasn’t trophies. After all we ALL love trophies. The offline 2 player split-screen is also great 🙂 if your friend doesn’t have an Internet connection and reckons he can beat you, just invite him over and teach him a lesson, and you could finally settle the dispute between you and your sibling(s) or relative(s) over who’s better without lag in the equation.

Since they never confirmed or denied the epilepsy reports I’m going to have to take that as a yes. Hopefully we don’t have fits when we’re playing the game.

Posted by: bearskopff | July 21, 2008

Make money through LBP

Chance is your already looking forward to getting your greasy mitts onto Little Big Planet as soon as possible. While the release is getting ever so close it I have manged to grow even more impatient. Whilst all news about LBP has so far been on the brilliant side, the latest goss has reached the excellence mark.

David Reeves, president of Scee recently stated – “What we’re trying to do with LittleBigPlanet is almost iTunes meets eBay in the sense that once an individual or a developer has qualified by producing certain levels or certain add-ons, they will then be able in the future to exchange these and make money out of them,”

 To my ears, this news is pure gold. Not only will a few talented people make a nice bit of extra money doing something they enjoy but the rest of the online community will benefit with well-made, professional and cheap user made levels.

This really is excellent news. The very  chance of someone making a big buck or two is completely feasable. “Eventually, it’s feasible that you might well see the first LittleBigPlanet millionaire!” mentioned Reeves.

I’m hyped about this and think this is a step in the right direction for this generation of gaming. What do you think? Would you ever buy user generated content? (I know I would!)

Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 16, 2008

Warhawk 1.4 update live

Warhawk update 1.4 is now live to download.

1.4 introduces 2 new gameplay modes FREE for every map inc booster maps.

Full details of the update can be found at the official Playstation blog.

Next to come is 1.5 which will bring trophies to Warhawk and a few more bits. Dylan replied to a comment on the official Playstation blog about the release date of 1.5 saying:

seriously…soon. That’s all I can say

So lets hope soon means this week sometime?????

Posted by: eraunsti666 | July 16, 2008

Killzone 2 Multiplayer classes

PS3fanboy has posted a in detail look at the multiplayer classes of Killzone 2 which look to bring some tactical teamwork into the Killzone 2 arena. If you choose ISA or helghast the effects of the classes will be the same.


The default multiplayer character is assigned when no primary badge is selected. A secondary badge may still be added. Riflemen can start with most weapons, except for the specialized ones.


Primary badge ability: Sets up an automated turret which targets the enemy.

Secondary badge ability: Repairs ammunition dispensers, mounted guns, and automated turrets.


Primary badge ability: Revives downed team mates.

Secondary badge ability: Throws a health pack, which can be picked up by other players.


Primary badge ability: Uses a cloaking suit to become near-invisible.

Secondary badge ability: Tags all on-screen enemy players with a hidden marker, which broadcasts their coordinates to team mates.


Primary badge ability: Dons heavy armour twice as strong as normal.

Secondary badge ability: Temporarily boosts running speed.


Primary badge ability: Throws a coloured smoke grenade, which serves as a spawn point.

Secondary badge ability: Requests air support from a sentry bot which targets the enemy.


Primary badge ability: Assumes the disguise of a randomly selected enemy player.

Secondary badge ability: Throws a sticky, proximity-activated C-4 charge.

These classes can bring some great teamwork to Killzone 2, so if you are in a clan this could get you excited.

Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

PSN title overview

A short video showing future releases for the PSN. Looks like I might start playing PAIN again soon!

Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

New Motorstorm 2 trailer

Pacific Rift isn’t too far away now so in the meantime here is another trailer from E3!

Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty

Hit the jump for the video shown at E3.

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Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

More Killzone 2 footage

We havn’t seen much regarding Killzone 2’s multiplayer but at long last we now have a video. Some of the levels look really interesting. Anyway, enjoy friends!

Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

Massive Action Game

After Sony’s main meal of news yesterday we were all getting pretty full but thankfully we’d saved just enough room for pudding. For dessert we were given a brand new title called MAG (Massive Action Game). The trailer speaks for itself and belive me…you may want to watch it a few times over. It’s already a shocker and we have hardly any information on it yet but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Posted by: bearskopff | July 16, 2008

What all business meetings should be like!

We had a few images of the Little Big Planet video which showed how well the Playstation brand is doing. Well, thanks to the wonders that be, we now have the video.

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